Big Picture. Bright Plans.

Each spacious building floorplan is a clean slate for effective facilities and workplace design.

Modern fit-outs for manufacturing and logistics operations require lean, streamlined space to make every SQM productive and accountable. 463 Victoria takes all that into account with more benefits and advantages to base your business in this latest commercial industrial development in Wetherill Park west of Sydney.

Big picture: Your business belongs here.

We will work with you to deliver on your requirements and expectations for your new factory warehouse at 463 Victoria throughout all development stages. It’s one of the advantages of getting in early, working with a blank canvas. Not to mention the economic climate leaning favourably to this type of investment for your business.

Whether you’re an Owner-Occupier or Investor, you can be confident with this business property asset. Apart from the excellent facilities and location, ongoing care will be simplified with a Community Management Scheme put into place to govern property use and responsibilities. This defines property obligations and by-laws with clear processes outlined for the community association, much like a body corporate in strata schemes.

DOWNLOAD: Our Community Management Scheme
Sleek, modern layouts for each lot include a Factory / Warehouse area of an average 1,170m2 plus ground floor office/amenities area of 160m2 and a first floor office/amenities area of 170m2. Up to 20 car spaces and a secure privately-gated exterior with modern entry are all included. See more about inclusions from our Specifications.


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